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  • > Patient  Mr. Naganath Ganpat Misal from Pandharpur was taking various treatments which has included Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Since last 3 years,but without any positive results for his infertility issue.
  • > Patient with reference from close relative in Pune has first visited our Clinic in July 2016.Sperm count was almost Nil at the time of his first visit.
  • > After one month of treatment the Sperm count was increased from Nil to 2.5 Million. Patient was taking regular treatment as per our requirement.
  • > In month of December 2016, there was positive conception as a result of treatment taken at our Clinic.
  • > After 2 months of positive conception, we had asked about patients emotional journey throughout all there 3 years of treatment for his infertility.
  • > Patient said that he not only spent large amount of money, but a variable time also without any satisfactory results before getting positive conception through the treatment at our clinic and his joy is beyond words to express.
  • > Patient is completely satisfied with the treatment as well as any other help provided by the clinic and also recommended friends with similar complaints to our Clinic.

  • > Couple married before 2 years visited our Clinic around 4 months back. The most important issue related to this Case was age of the Couple, through they were married for just 2 years. The wife was working Professor and her age was around 38 years and husband also of similar age.
  • > Couple has decided to go for conception as early as possible as their age was a major high risk factor for conception.
  • In second month of marriage lady conceived but it was resulted in miscarriage and they were advised to wait for 2 to 3 months for conception.
  • > As they felt time is running away from their hands they hurriedly changed Doctors as well as treatment compromising of Allopathic as well as  Ayurvedic, but they were not getting any results. In one of the treatments they had taken from one infertility expert resulted in Hyper prolactenemia which further lead to pigmentation, not   flushers  and digestive problems.
  • > As they suffered from miscarriage they wrong treated leading to side effects and unbearable waiting periods to get good news. They were in state of depression as well as anxiety at that time they were referred to our Clinic by one of the benefited relation.
  • First thing Couple mentioned about our treatment was the tremendous amount of encouragement given by our Doctor, which has raised our confidence.
  • > As age of both of them were in higher side, we have stated treatment for both of them, mainly treatment was targeted of female partner and supplementary treatment was given to male partner.
  • > The first beneficial effect a couple appreciated was reduction and subsequently subsidence of pimples on face as well as hyper pigmentation.
  • > Prolaction level were come to normal and followed by positive conception in subsequent month.
  • > The Couple mentioned that there were no side effects of the treatment.
  • > Most importantly they find our treatment very reasonable cost wise.

  • > Couple in which husband 33 years and wife of 27 years Married since 2 years, first tried natural conception for first 3-4 months but Nil out any positive results.
  • > Through one of the benefited relative from our Clinic they came our Clinic for treatment.
  • > The Laboratory for results shown that male partner has 20 million sperm count but without any mobility (Azoospermia) . The treatment was started according but due to familial pressure. They shifted to Allopathic treatment by Senior Gynaecologist. They taken treatment for around four month without any positive result.
  • > They again reverted back to us for treatment and started same treatment. The Sperm count was increased to 40 million along with improved mobility of Sperms.
  • > It has resulted in positive conception.
  • > The Couple emphatically mentioned that our Doctor has given positive energy which has boosted their confidence in the treatment and unknowingly resulted in positive conception.
  • > They said this is the most affordable place to get treatment.

Mr. & Mrs. Jadhav are a couple aged 39 years and 37 years respectively. They have been married since 1999 and were unsuccessful in conceiving a baby. They visited Sanskruti Clinic in September 2014.

After primary investigations we found the reports of the female partner were normal and male partner was diagnosed infertility. After counseling he was put on Ayurvedic medication along with panchakarma for purification & our specially made ayurvedic formulation. The treatment was performed for 3 months (3 cycles), Patient successfully conceived in January 2015. The couple were blessed with a baby boy.